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Aviso Inc collaborated with Fractional CMO to reduce the campaign production cost through marketing automation

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Marketing Automation Services

Marketing automation is defined as a software platform or technology that can automate marketing activities and manage campaigns of any scale across multiple channels.

How can we help you?

Don’t have the budget to purchase marketing automation software or the resources to manage the automation activities? Look no further!

Fractional CMO’s marketing automation services help organizations to orchestrate their marketing campaigns and execute them at scale with minimal resources and cost. From creating brand awareness to generating high-quality leads, we put your routine marketing activities on auto-pilot mode to help you achieve your marketing goals effortlessly at every stage of the customer journey.

Our team of marketing technologists harnesses the power of marketing automation software services such as HubSpot and Pardot to automate your marketing campaigns.

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Even as marketing as a function has matured and become more organized, organizations find it challenging to put their plan into concrete action. That’s where we come to your rescue. Our marketing automation services include:

  • Strategizing: We understand your business needs, review your current practices, and help you to leverage the right marketing automation software to bolster your marketing efforts
  • Implementation: We design a workflow for your project, define goals for each phase, and work closely with your marketing team to implement it
  • Project management: We manage the marketing automation project right from strategizing to the analysis stage. We keep a close watch to detect early issues and address them before it impacts the project. Our team also monitors the milestones and ensures that the project stays on track throughout to reduce wastage of efforts and budget
  • Analysis: We regularly analyze the progress of the project and report it to you, so you can determine the future course of your project.


Domain Knowledge : Our skilled marketing technologists have experience in working with marketing automation software and can manage automation projects of any scale without any hassles
Exclusive partnership : We have an exclusive partnership with marketing and sales automation software services such as HubSpot, Pardot, and Salesforce that can drive your marketing automation projects to success
Proven track record : We have an unbeaten track record of offering marketing automation services to some of the leading players in the SaaS, real estate and manufacturing industries

Why engage with us?

Our team’s technical prowess, coupled with the best marketing automation software services helps us to offer the best solutions to our customers:

  • Converting leads into sales: Our marketing automation services focus on converting leads into sales by identifying and targeting leads that display high purchase intent


  • A scientific approach to delivering results: We constantly experiment with marketing campaigns to drive improvement. We do several A/B tests to understand what attracts your target customers and accordingly use the results to create winning marketing campaigns


  • Marketing automation for professional services: We offer customized B2B and B2C marketing automation services depending upon the organization’s business needs and budget


  • Hassle-free marketing automation managing service: We manage the marketing automation projects end-to-end, so you are saved from the trouble of buying marketing automation software or managing the campaigns as they grow in scale. You can maximize your lead generation efforts at a minimized cost